5 Feb 2008

FICAC says two more cases to be taken to court shortly

4:12 pm on 5 February 2008

Fiji's Independent Anti Corruption Commission says it has has taken ten cases to court and is expecting another two to be ready shortly.

It is now ten months since the Commission was set up by Presidential promulgation, after the interim regime argued that Fiji was significantly affected by corruption.

The Commission's public relations officer, Maraia Vavaitamana, says it is still a major issue:

"Very serious, the corruption, I guess cause we are dealing with highly intelligent people and this is not your straightforward robbery cases, these are people who are fairly intelligent and we can say that the corruption level is quite serious, it is quite high."

Ms Vavaitamana says the bulk of the Commission's investigators have joined after being in the police force, although the senior investigator and the head of the commission are both former military men.