6 Feb 2008

PNG police investigate senior officer allegedly involved in gang beating of woman

8:41 am on 6 February 2008

An internal Papua new Guinea police investigation has been launched into the involvement of a senior officer in an alleged gang beating of a woman.

The officer, who is head of a specialist Police unit, was allegedly drunk as he led a gang to brutally assault a woman in Port Moresby's Nine Mile settlement last month.

Neighbours of the woman say the officer threatened them with a rifle as his group took the woman away using an official police vehicle, beat her up and later dumped her naked.

Police Commissioner Gari Baki says the officer will be held accountable if the investigation verifies his involvement.

"Police officers are not immune to the rule of law. If they abuse the trust that is given to them. And this is no different to this case. If he's found to be involved in this one, we will deal with him - whether internal disciplinary or criminally as well."

Medical checks have also been ordered as there are also suspicions the woman may have been raped.