6 Feb 2008

Netball coach in NZ to appeal against decision not to allow Vilimaina Davu to play

10:18 am on 6 February 2008

The coach of the Northern Mystics Yvonne Willering is to appeal against a Netball New Zealand decision against the eligibility of former Silver Fern defender Vilimaina Davu.

Davu was one of two players Willering was considering for the 12th spot in her squad, but yesterday Netball New Zealand says the former Fiji coach/player is now an overseas player and not eligible.

Willering says the reason given by Netball New Zealand is that there are other defence players to select from is not good enough.

"We're just going through the process at the moment, step one was to go to Netball New Zealand and the next part of the process is to to their committee and we will do that it's pretty open and it's part of the rules."

The 12th slot has gone to Auckland's Ritua Petero, who captained the Cook Islands at the world champs.