6 Feb 2008

FICAC in Fiji says it's more focused on corruption investigations

10:15 am on 6 February 2008

Fiji's Independent Anti Corruption Commission says it is now more focused on corruption investigations after initially being overwhelmed with a hugh range of complaints.

The Commission has been operating for ten months and has brought in staff to help the public take their issues to the appropriate organisations.

It's public relations officer, Maraia Vavaitamana, says there has been some misunderstanding about what issues the Commission dealt with.

"We also received complaints of national interest, meaning like anybody who complained who wasn't given the service they required, who had any sort of complaint, any civil complaint any sort of complaint they thought they could just come to FICAC and leave their complaint with us."

Ms Vavaitamana says the Commission has so far taken ten cases to court on a range of charges including abuse of office.