7 Feb 2008

Solomons Police Commissioner to see out contract before leaving

4:21 pm on 7 February 2008

The Solomon Islands Police Commissioner Jahir Khan has agreed to resign amid mounting pressure from the government to remove him.

In the past few days, the Prime Minister Derek Sikua sent a letter to the Commissioner, directing him to resign or face a tribunal under the Police Act.

The cabinet had earlier outlined a list or concerns over Mr Khan's performance in the role but was dissatisfied with his response to them.

It's understood that the cabinet disagrees with Mr Khan's push for re-armament of local police.

There is also concern with what is seen as Mr Khan's political meddling as well as a decline in the general performance of the force.

Mr Khan says the government has now accepted his proposal to leave when his current contract finishes in June.

"There is nothing unusual about this. I'm a professional police officer with immense experience in policing and I understand this position of Commissioner of Police is a critical position for any government and they'd like to have somebody of their own in the position."

The Police Commissioner, Jahir Khan, who has resigned effective from June.