8 Feb 2008

Violence between schools in American Samoa lead to ban on sporting fixtures

4:20 pm on 8 February 2008

High school sports have had to be cancelled in American Samoa because the rivalry between two teams has gotten out of hand.

Fights broke out among spectators at a game between Tafuna and Samoana High Schools during the week.

The violence continued, and on Thursday, one group of students started throwing stones at a bus carrying students from the other school, as well as members of the public.

Our corresspondent in Pago Pago, Monica Miller, describes what happend:

"One young boy who was so scared when the bus was pounded with rocks, jumped out. His mother jumped out after him and hit part of part her head on the sidewalk. I believe she's okay. But certainly it's never been this bad before: we've had school fights, but things are turning ugly now."

Monica Miller says there seems to be hundreds of students involved in the violence.