11 Feb 2008

A Fiji Labour Party says he's haunted by party backing for interim regime

3:21 pm on 11 February 2008

The outgoing president of the Fiji Labour Party's Nadi branch says voting to support the interim regime was a mistake that will haunt him to his grave.

Bijai Prasad has stepped down, saying the current regime has caused a rift between the Indian and Fijian peoples.

He says actions like suspending the Great Council of Chiefs and overhauling the Native Land Trust Board have upset indigenous Fijians.

"Fiji Labour Party, we were hoping that one day we will form the Government. But with our involvement in the current regime, whatever little support we were hoping to gain has evaporated in thin air. Now the way it looks, come next election any time, be it next year or five years later, it can be said with all confidence the indigenous Fijian dominated party will form the Government."

Bijai Prasad says he doesn't want future generations to blame hime for being a spoke in the wheel of the changes that the regime could make.