18 Feb 2008

Activists disrupt New Caledonia's Goro nickel project

2:44 pm on 18 February 2008

Opponents of the Goro Nickel mining project in New Caledonia are continuing to disrupt the construction of a waste disposal pipe.

Activists have again gathered to stop Goro from building a pipe that would dispose liquid waste into the lagoon at the Havannah Channel, amid fears of environmental pollution and damage it could cause.

The pipe is the company's alternative plan, after an original scheme to build a pipe on land could not go ahead because of protests.

Our Noumea correspondent, Claudine Wery, says Goro has had to stop all work at the pipe today.

"This morning several boats were gathering at the port in Noumea. One of the militants attached his canoe to a pipe, so he's preventing any work around the pieces of the pipe. It's impossible today for Goro to transport the pipe to the site of the plant."

Claudine Wery says it's unclear what effect this action might have on the project.