19 Feb 2008

California based company wins hundred million dollar contract to develop Guam's roads

11:55 am on 19 February 2008

A California based company has won a hundred million dollar contract to develop Guam's roads.

Parsons Corporation beat four other bidders for the tendered contract, worth 150 million US dollars.

The company is embarking on an ambitious hundred million dollar project to improve Guam's roads in time for the intending military build up of marines from mainly Okinawa Japan, in 2010.

Shawn Gumataotao, who is the spokesperson for the Governor Felix Camacho's Office, says the company has a 50 year history on Guam to develop naval and military infrastructure.

"Well we expect much of the work will begin over the next three to four months, and it will go on over the next year or so. The next five years we'll see much of our roadways undergoing major facelifts from road marking to guard rails, signage and of course the expansion of road sidewalks and bike lanes. All of this is going to happen on our island over the next five years and almost every stretch of road on Guam will see some sort of upgrade."

Shawn Gumataotao says the Parsons Corporation will also help Guam to develop its billion US dollar plan to improve the international airport, and seaport.