21 Feb 2008

Unclaimed South Korean body still in American Samoan hospital morgue

2:46 pm on 21 February 2008

The body of a South Korean man remains in an American Samoan hospital morgue nearly a year after he died.

The man had been a patient at the LBJ hospital and died in May 2007 but nobody has claimed the body.

The hospital says the man's immigration sponsor, a government employee, refuses to make arrangements for his burial.

Members of the deceased man's family living in the US have also declined to help.

Our American Samoa correspondent, Monica Miller, says the man's sponsor is seen as responsible for the funeral.

"According to the attorney for the hospital it may come down for them to pay for all of the expenses upfront and they have got an estimate for the coffin and a burial plot. And they will then have the attorney general office sue the sponsor to recover the cost that'll be spent on the man's funeral."

Monica Miller