22 Feb 2008

Solomons welcomes funds to improve cancer treatment

4:28 pm on 22 February 2008

A Solomon Islands pathologist at the main hospital has welcomed donations to be used for improving breast and cervical cancer treatment.

Last October, the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands organised a dinner to raise funds for breast and cervical cancer detection and treatment.

The funds were this week given to the governor's wife, Lady Alice Waena.

Dr Rae Rodger Maraka says he believes the money should be used primarily to raise community awareness.

"Health education in self breast examination and health education in the availability of Pap Smear screening and then other things will be provided after that, like the availability of a cancer unit, because we don't have a cancer unit here."

Dr Rae Rodger Maraka says most women in Solomon Islands wait until it's too late to receive medical treatment.