25 Feb 2008

Nauru and Marshall Islands renew effort for flights to Fiji

2:49 pm on 25 February 2008

Nauru and the Marshall Islands have signed an air service agreement in Taipei as part of an effort to resume flights into Fiji by Nauru's carrier, Our Airline.

Up to the end of 2005, Nauru linked four western Pacific nations with Australia and Fiji.

But when Air Nauru's single Boeing-737 was repossessed for lack of lease payments in December that year, Fiji's national carrier

Air Pacific stepped into the lucrative Fiji-Kiribati route.

Nauru's Foreign Minister, Dr Kieren Keke, said last year, Fiji rebuffed efforts by Our Airline to resume service to Fiji.

The Marshall Islands, however, has an air service agreement with Fiji, which it hasn't used since halting flights to the South Pacific by its own airline, Air Marshall Islands, in the late 1990s.

Mr Keke says the aim is to have Our Airline provide the service to Fiji for Air Marshall Islands.