28 Feb 2008

Pacific media urged to play key role in climate change awareness

2:42 pm on 28 February 2008

The regional media is being urged to ensure that South Pacific people are informed about climate change.

The message is being reinforced at a regional workshop for journalists underway in Honiara organised by the Commonwealth Press Union.

The Solomon Islands Forestry Minister, Sir Allan Kemakeza, told the workshop that media is partly to blame if Pacific people aren't made aware of the effects of climate change on their lives.

Sir Allan told journalists they are responsible for informing the region's remote communities in order for them to make wise decisions about their environment.

Tuvalu's Foreign Affairs secretary, Enele Sopoaga, whose country is among the most vulnerable to rising sea levels, admits there is a high degree of ignorance and confusion about climate change.

"Despite the world knowledge of the implications and vulnerability of Tuvalu to the effects of climate change, I regret to say that in Tuvalu that knowledge, that realisation, has not yet really sunk into the understanding and awareness of the local communities."

Enele Sopoaga