3 Mar 2008

Author of Fiji media report says news organisations should have taken part

5:53 am on 3 March 2008

The author of a report into the media in Fiji says the press and broadcasting made a mistake in choosing not to participate in the research.

The report, commissioned by the Fiji Human Rights Commission recommends the interim government not renew work permits in the media industry.

It says the media is run by 8 europeans and the relationship between it and the Government is broken.

Dr Jim Anthony, a Hawaii-based academic, says for years, the media has poured venom into the body politic of Fiji.

"Playing crybaby over this report isn't really going to wash. The media representatives, the media barons, were invited to participate in this report, they chose to boycott the enquiry. In my opinion, that was a fatally flawed decision."

Dr Jim Anthony says while the report while be much-debated, he hopes it will be adopted by the Government,.