13 Mar 2008

An American Samoa Senator says local power authority should be returned to government

11:46 am on 13 March 2008

An American Samoa Senator says the only way that residents can get a satisfactory answer to their complaints about high electricity rates is to return the electric utility to government.

Salanoa Aumoeualogo has introduced a bill dissolving the American Samoa Power Authority and transferring its function, assets, liabilities and personnel to the government to operate as the American Samoa Utility Department.

Senator Salanoa told his colleagues that for the last four years the Senate has been trying without success to get ASPA to lower its power rates.

He said residents are suffering from the high electricity costs and the Senate has not had any luck in its efforts to change this.

He believes the only way to get a respite from the exorbitant charges is to abolish APSA and make it part of ASG as it was in the past.

The proposed department shall be headed by a director appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Legislature