20 Mar 2008

Troubled Solomon Islands government special envoy to RAMSI loses court battle

11:00 am on 20 March 2008

The troubled Solomon Islands government special envoy to RAMSI, Michael Maina has lost his legal battle against Martin Maga over the last national election.

The High Court of Solomon Islands yesterday ruled in favour of Martin Maga, current Minister Lands and Housing after a six month court battle.

Michael Maina lost his Temotu Pele seat to Mr Maga in the last national election, but has claimed his successor had used bribery and trickery.

However the Petition was dismissed by Justice Rex Foukona after ruling that some of the witnesses were not credible witnesses and that most of the evidence produced by Maina as the Petitioner was hearsay evidence.

To add to Mr Maina's woes he will be footing the court bill as instructed by the court.

Meanwhile Mr Maina's standing as the Governments Special Envoy to RAMSI is still unclear following the announcement in the media that he had been fired last week.

Mr Maina however says he has not received any official termination letter from the government.