20 Mar 2008

Fiji Media Council asks to meet government to discuss concerns

7:31 pm on 20 March 2008

The Fiji Media Council has asked to meet the Minister for Information to discuss concerns over the deteriorating relationship between the government and the media.

The Council's Chairman, Daryl Tarte, says the council deplores the actions of the government in summoning members of the media to explain their stories.

This month, the publisher of the Fiji Times was summoned and earlier a journalist from the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation was asked to explain a story.

Mr Tarte says he hopes that a way forward can be found.

"There are concerns on both sides; concerns on the part of the media about government's actions and obviously the government themselves have some concern about the media so we think it would be productive if we could meet and discuss these matters and find some amicable way ahead."

Daryl Tarte of the Fiji Media Council.