21 Mar 2008

Nauru talks ongoing to find political stability

1:51 pm on 21 March 2008

While the Nauru Parliament is due to meet again tomorrow amid ongoing political uncertainty, Cabinet Minister, Dr Kieren Keke, says the Government is working to entice Opposition MPs to cross the floor.

The 18-member parliament is split evenly, though an attempted vote of no confidence failed this week when the Speaker resigned.

He has now been replaced by Opposition MP, David Adeang, who has called Parliament to meet tomorrow when a number of MPs are due to be off island.

Meanwhile Dr Keke says there is a recognition that political stability allowed the reforms during the term of the previous government, and they want to re-establish that.

"At the moment, the situation that we have we cannot see a way that the Opposition can actually remove Government, [but] without the stability in Parliament, Parliament itself may not be able to function fully unless there is some further movement of members so we are actively pursuing some of the Opposition members."

Dr Kieren Keke