27 Mar 2008

Nauru opposition calls for fresh elections

2:50 pm on 27 March 2008

The Nauru Opposition says elections should be called to resolve a stalemate in the Parliament.

It is split nine/nine with the pivotal Speaker's position held by ousted cabinet minister and now senior Opposition MP, David Adeang.

Mr Adeang has called Parliament to meet tomorrow, after a controversial meeting last Saturday, which he says the Government boycotted.

That meeting voted to make it illegal for MPs to hold dual citizenship, but the government contends Mr Adeang did not have a quorum.

He however argues it is up to the Speaker to determine that, and the legislative change, which affects two cabinet ministers, stands.

He says he became Speaker to try and encourage Government to hold another election.

"It was decided by our group that we would decide to take better control of the situation and encourage the Government to dissolve the House, return the country to elections so that the people can return their members of Parliament who can work as a team and progress this country. And to do so to elect a Speaker in order to encourage the situation towards that aim."

David Adeang.

The last elections were held in August