28 Mar 2008

Local company in CNMI keen to help out power company

11:31 am on 28 March 2008

Telesource CNMI Incorporated has come up with a novel plan to help alleviate the power crisis on Saipan-import generators from neighboring Tinian island.

In a statement Telesource says its proposing to lend one of its diesel generators on Tinian to the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation plant in Lower Base.

Company CEO and president Nidal Zayed said that Telesource is prepared to pay for the relocation, commissioning, maintenance, and operation of the engines on Saipan and for the ultimate relocation of the engines back to Tinian.

Mr Zayed added that the local company has already expressed its desire and readiness to assist CUC in finding a solution to the power crisis that currently plagues Saipan.

He says Telesource could attract the necessary investment to significantly mitigate the economic and social impact that the CNMI's power crisis is having on its people.