28 Mar 2008

Solomons seeks PNG riot police training

2:39 pm on 28 March 2008

The Solomon Islands Police Commissioner says his force would benefit from riot response training from their Papua New Guinea counterparts.

Jahir Khan discussed possible cross-country training with visiting Papua New Guinea Police Commissioner Gary Baki in Honiara yesterday.

Mr Khan said that the Royal PNG Constabulary is a professional organisation and that Solomons officers could learn valuable skills from their Melanesian colleagues especially in the area of riot control.

He says the defection of officers to side with rioters during the April 2006 violence in Honiara is something they want prevented in future.

"We have cleaned the police force now, it's a new police force. It's a very young police force also. And those are the officers that we are now training. We're instilling discipline and trying to have regular training, and practice on the riot situation is the one way of eliminating any defections from the riot unit."

Jahir Khan says that a formal training arrangement is set to be drafted at the Melanesian Spearhead Group Chiefs of Police meeting next month in Vanuatu.