28 Mar 2008

Nauru president to take on speaker over planned ouster of government ministers

4:15 pm on 28 March 2008

The Nauru President, Marcus Stephen, says he and his government are more than ready to meet any challenges that may arise when Parliament sits later today.

President Stephen has reiterated earlier statements that a meeting last Saturday which the Government MPs did not attend, lacked any credibility because it did not have a quorum.

That meeting passed legislation banning MPs from holding dual citizenship, which, if enforced, would ban two senior Government members from Parliament.

Opposition MP, David Adeang, who is the Speaker, claims the legislation is valid and that it is his prerogative to determine whether a quorum exists.

Despite votes in Parliament being split nine apiece, Mr Stephen says his government retains majority support and intends passing several budgetary measures that have been held up by a farcical situation he blames on the Opposition.

Mr Adeang, meanwhile, says the Opposition want the Government to call an election because they do not have a mandate.