29 Mar 2008

Solomon Islands Govt MP believes corruption will make it difficult to implement budget

12:47 pm on 29 March 2008

The Solomon Islands Minister of Tourism, Seth Gukuna, says he believes corruption will make it difficult to implement this year's budget.

Speaking in parliament, Mr Gukuna says the perception in the public that the country's political system is corrupt has continued to our divert attention from corruption in the Public Service.

He says this has allowed some public servants to continue to help themselves with budgetted funds.

"Mr Speaker I see that we will have problems in implementing this year's budget because the same corrupt officers are still working unashamedly in the public service even though they have been identified, another crew of these corrupt officers, including senior accountants, directors of divisions in our ministry will again openly assist and prioritise group projects for funding this year in return for kickbacks."

Seth Gukuna also highlighted corruption in the public service as a hindrance to tourism development projects in the past.