31 Mar 2008

Vanuatu's opposition leader calls for more prosecution of politicians abusing office

6:06 am on 31 March 2008

Vanuatu's opposition leader has called for more prosecution of politicians involved in the abuse of office.

Moana Carcasses says that while much-needed rural development in Vanuatu remains neglected, too many politicians continue to serve their own interests first, going unpunished for indulging in corrupt practices.

His comments follow recent divisions within the coalition government over allegations of bribery against the Lands Minister in a court case.

Some MPs are unhappy that the Minister remains in his role when other government members have recently been removed from the coalition for involvement in fraud.

Mr Carcasses says that in most cases, leaders are not being held accountable for breaking the law.

"We should also give more power to the prosecution - any politicians misuse anything, they should be judged and punished. At the moment no one is punished. That's our problem. So we should put in place a system (so) that people know when you take office, if you do good things, no problem, but if you do bad things, you're going to be judged and go to jail for."