2 Apr 2008

Nauru Speaker says end of dual nationality for MPs reflected aims of constitution review

4:45 pm on 2 April 2008

The Speaker of the Nauru Parliament, Opposition MP David Adeang, has defended controversial changes to the Citizenship Act, which could see two senior Cabinet Ministers excluded from the Assembly.

Two weeks ago, Mr Adeang forced through amendments that ban MPs from holding dual citizenship.

No government MPs attended the sitting and the government claims that Mr Adeang lacked a quorum.

The Chief Justice is to hear submissions later this week but Mr Adeang says not only did he have the numbers, he was complying with the intentions of last year's lengthy constitution review.

"We take the view that part of the reason our government was split up was to delay and stall the activities of the Constitution Review. One of the strongest under which was the issue of dual nationality, an issue for which we have strong views on both sides of the Parliament."