4 Apr 2008

Solomons tsunami victims still await help a year after disaster

10:19 am on 4 April 2008

The Western Province in Solomon Islands is still awaiting the delivery of critically needed funds from the central government for post-tsunami rehabilitation.

The province has just marked the first anniversary of the tsunami and earthquake which left more than 50 people dead and buildings and infrastructure devastated there and in neighbouring Choiseul province.

However, the long delays in relief assistance continue to frustrate many victims who remain displaced and homeless.

The Premier of Western province, Alex Lokopio, says people are still waiting basic provisions, such as shelter.

He says people have to be properly housed before rehabilitation can be carried out.

"There have been promises by the government that they're going to give us the money, and that 15 million Solomon's dollars have been disbursed from the central government, I think two and a half months ago, yet the people are still not receiving any help, and so things are not as good as we thought."

Western province Premier, Alex Lokopio.