4 Apr 2008

Cook Islands accepts 200 new permanent residents

4:11 pm on 4 April 2008

The Cook Islands will this week welcome 213 new permanent residents at a formal ceremony in Rarotonga.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Wilkie Rasmussen, says the selection process for PR has been opened up this year so that foreigners who've married Cook Islanders didn't take up most slots PR.

But he says that's just one area they will look at when they redefine the terms of reference for PR.

"We don't wish it to be mobile anymore for many people that they can take it overseas and hold onto it for ten years while they live overseas we are of the view that it should be something available to people to live in the Cook Islands and if you go overseas then there has to be special exemption."

The majority of the recipients come from New Zealand with others from as far away as Bulgaria, Italy, Sweden and India.