7 Apr 2008

Pacific Arts Council expresses confidence that American Samoa will be prepared for Festival

10:23 am on 7 April 2008

The Pacific Arts Council has expressed confidence that American Samoa will have everything in place by the time the 10th Festival of Pacific Arts begins in July.

The festival will be held in American Samoa between July 20 - August 2, with up to 2000 participants expected.

Sixteen of the 27 member countries of the Pacific Community have confirmed their participation at the 10th Pacific Arts Festival.

The council members have viewed accommodation and performing venues in American Samoa.

The SPC Human Development Program Manager, Linda Peterson, says she thinks American Samoa will definitely be ready.

"Like any big even of this nature, you know things come together quite quickly and quite intensively over the last 4 months of preparation and so there are a number of things which have been highlighted."

She says American Samoa has been doing good work.