8 Apr 2008

Fiji Labour Party backs call to probe Australia's pre-coup actions

3:31 pm on 8 April 2008

The Fiji Labour Party is backing calls for an inquiry into Australia's involvement in Fiji's affairs leading up to the 2006 military coup.

The Fiji Human Rights Commission released a report last week, alleging Australia intervened in Fiji in October and November 2006 when it secreted special forces personnel into Fiji and heavily-armed warships into Fiji's territorial waters.

The FijiLive website reports the FLP President Jokapeci Koroi as saying the independent inquiry should establish whether the Australian Government breached international laws and Fiji's sovereignty.

She says the events, accompanied by alleged threats to the Fiji army commander of military intervention, are both scary and alarming.

Mrs Koroi says Australia needs to explain what its armed forces were doing in Fiji territory.

Australia's foreign minister, Stephen Smith has dismissed the report, and says the Australian military were there to ensure the safety of Australian nationals.