14 Apr 2008

Nauru government contradicts speaker's claims of mass suspension

1:59 pm on 14 April 2008

The Nauru Government has dismissed claims from the Speaker, Opposition MP, David Adeang, that he suspended all nine Government MPs last Thursday.

Mr Adeang claims that the members had been unruly and he had no option, but the Nauru Government says the mass suspension didn't happen.

It says the clerk of Parliament was unaware of any such event taking place and the members themselves say they are mystified by Mr Adeang's claim.

It is the latest episode in an increasingly fractious assembly that is evenly split between Government and Opposition MPs.

Last week, the Chief Justice concluded that Mr Adeang was out of order to hold a meeting of Parliament that did not include Government MPs and at which he passed controversial legislation.

Those law changes have been deemed invalid.