19 Apr 2008

No word on when Vanuatu will fill foreign diplomatic posts

10:40 am on 19 April 2008

Vanuatu's Council of Ministers' endorsement of proposed nominees to foreign diplomatic posts will have to await the presentation of the Foreign Service Bill scheduled to be presented in this parliamentary session.

The Daily Post newspaper reports that an attempt to get the Council to endorse Vanuatu's new Ambassador in Morocco has failed because members of the Cabinet are divided over the proposed candidate.

Foreign Affairs officials have backed the council decision for any future diplomatic appointments to be made only after the Foreign Service Bill is approved by parliament.

The Bill would outline the criteria for any future appointments to ambassadorial posts.

Meanwhile, the position of Vanuatu's Ambassador to Morocco remains unfilled since the former Ambassador's contract was terminated by the former Foreign Minister, Sato Kilman.

The former Ambassador in Morocco, Michel Rittier, is allegedly suing the government for unlawful termination of contract for at least 400,000 US dollars.