25 Apr 2008

Air Marshall Islands resumes commercial flights

10:08 am on 25 April 2008

Yesterday, the national airline of the Marshall Islands flew its first scheduled commercial flights in more than six months.

Air Marshall Islands two airplanes have been grounded since October 10th.

AMI's 34-seat Dash-8 plane conducted a successful test flight on Monday,

followed by flights to inspect seven outer island runways to confirm their

status prior to resumption of scheduled service this weekend.

The airline is now under pressure to get its other aircraft, a 19-seat Dornier 228, back in service.

The Dornier needs a major factory overhaul, but can¹t be flown off island yet because it is still being repaired and the airline is searching for the

estimated $1 million or more needed for the overhaul.

The airline's general manager says it could take up to five months for the major overhaul to be completed and the plane returned to service.