29 Apr 2008

Regional customs officials meet in Marshalls

3:11 pm on 29 April 2008

Regional Customs and law enforcement officials are in the Marshall Islands attending the 10th annual conference of the Oceania Customs Organisation focusing on cross-agency cooperation.

The week-long discussions in Majuro involve customs chiefs from the OCO's 23-member nations in the Pacific and for the first time officials from Japan and China.

Our correspondent Giff Johnson says the aim of the meeting is to bring the region's customs operations up to an international level.

"A key point of interest in the Pacific increasingly is movement of money, specifically cash across borders. I mean, that's one of the types of issues that are up in front of the group here to talk about how to get better control over money laundering."

Giff Johnson says an agreement is to be signed later this week to bring national customs systems and practices in line with international standards.