30 Apr 2008

Solomon Islands looks to revive cattle industry

9:59 pm on 30 April 2008

In the Solomon islands, a groundbreaking ceremony has been held in Northeast Guadalcanal, marking the official launching of the National Cattle Development Program (NCDP).

The government used the ceremony at Tenavatu to formalise an agreement between the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, and the landowners of Tenavatu and the Foxwood areas known as the Ghaubata Thimbo and Lathi Association (GTL).

The first phase of the National Cattle Development Program includes the building up of the breeding stocks at Tenavatu Farm for easy quarantine purposes.

The farm is expected to accommodate around 600-700 heads of cattle for breeding purposes.

During his speech to officially lauch the national cattle program, Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Selwyn Riumana said the importation of cattle is a big drain on the national economy.

Imports amount to mearly 6 million US dollars annually, with imports continuing to rise every year.

Mr Riumana says the only means to cuts down on imports is for the country to revive the country's stagnant cattle industry.