1 May 2008

PNG police launches new policies on gender equality and HIV/AIDS

11:12 am on 1 May 2008

Papua New Guinea's Royal Constabulary is launching two new policies to promote and advocate gender equality and HIV/AIDS awareness in the police force .

Police Commissioner Gary Baki says the Equal Employment Opportunity or EEO and HIV/AIDS policies will help provide the foundation for good governance and accountability in police.

Mr Baki says the EEO policy covers all aspects of employment including recruitment and training, pay and entitlements, career developments and other workplace opportunities.

He admits they don't know how many people in the Force are affected by the HIV/AIDS.

The Commissioner says they want to minimise the spread of AIDS and to manage the impact of the epidemic in the force.

"Whereby people must realise that we do have people like that - how do we treat them. It should give us an opportunity to be able to conduct our own medical examinations to make it known that we are able to identify the number of people that are affected with this epidemic in the constabulary. So I think the policy sets the framework for everyone to conform particularly with the medical requirements with regards to having a healthy workplace."

Police Commissioner Gary Baki.