6 May 2008

CNMI lauded in US study on fighting sex trafficking

3:09 pm on 6 May 2008

The Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands has won praise from a United States researcher looking at sex trafficking across the US.

United States organisation Shared Hope International is running a study in 10 US sites, including the CNMI, looking at what services are available for the victims of trafficking.

Samantha Vardaman, from Shared Hope, was in Saipan last week, and says the CNMI has had some successful prosecutions for sex trafficking, and has assembled a good team to deal with the issue.

"One very good prospect for the CNMI is how well they work together. They've demonstrated both through their interviews, and through their actions, they've really shown that they are very collaborative, and that's going to serve them well as they work on these cases."

Samantha Vardaman says the results of the study will be presented by August - to both those working in the field, and to the community.