7 May 2008

Samoa govt commissions independent study looking at ways to prevent violence

10:25 am on 7 May 2008

The Samoa government has commissioned an independent study to look at ways it can prevent another violent student brawl.

The Samoa government has banned on all college and high school sports competitions after the fight left one female suffering severe burns from a petrol bomb, and several others injured.

Three male students from the Don Bosco technical school are facing attempted murder charges, and 17 other students from the same school were release on bail last Friday.

The government's acting CEO for cabinet, Fata Kapatene, says the sports ban is just a temporary measure and a study into the cause of the violence will provide them with long-term solutions.

"They will look for ways and guidelines that will guide government schools not to be involved with this type of mess that they were involved with in the future. So not just what causes it, I think their primary task is to establish some guidelines for schools to follow in the future."

The government's acting CEO for cabinet, Fata Kapatene.