7 May 2008

TI PNG says money scandal has ended career of Taiwan top politician

5:05 pm on 7 May 2008

Transparency International in Papua New Guinea says the money scandal that ended the career of one of Taiwan's leading politicians is unfortunate.

The vice premier has resigned after 30 million US dollars meant as aid for PNG has alledgedly been embezzled.

He was followed by two other ministers who despite resigning deny embezzling the money.

Papua New Guinea government officials also deny any knowledge of the missing millions.

Transparency's spokesperson, Mike Manning, says the scandal is an example of the chequebook diplomacy that both Taiwan and China use.

"There's a larger issue in terms of the general idea that larger economies in the world can go around and bribe smaller nations to support them or for whatever reason, and TI obviously does not support that type of behaviour."

Mike Manning