8 May 2008

Protestors raise alarm over alleged abuse at PNG Porgera mine

1:34 pm on 8 May 2008

A group of protesters has been raising concerns over the way the Porgera gold mine is being run in Papua New Guinea.

The protesters, who are from a variety of groups including the Porgera Landowners Association, the Mineral Policy Institute in Australia and Friends of the Earth, have travelled to Canada to attend the annual general meeting of the mines owner, Barrick Gold.

Techa Beaumont from the Mineral Policy Institute says they want the company to address issues including the disposal of waste into rivers and human rights abuses by the mine's security guards.

Ms Beaumont says that some of these abuses include alleged extrajudicial killings and rapes.

"They've been severely injured and in some cases shot and killed by security forces. There's a number of cases of rape of women living in the surrounding villages from the security forces as well so it's a pretty atrocious situation and we're really calling on the company Barrick Gold to take it seriously and do whatever necessary to resolve what are long standing issues."

Techa Beaumont of the Mineral Policy Institute.