8 May 2008

Alert in Fiji over death threat against top Australian diplomat

3:27 pm on 8 May 2008

Australia's diplomatic mission in Fiji is on alert after a death threat against High Commissioner James Batley, which it says appears to be politically motivated.

The high commission in Suva says two copies of an anonymous death threat were received yesterday and were directed primarily at Mr Batley.

It is understood at least one of the copies was delivered in an envelope via taxi and handed to security staff at the commission.

The High Commission in a statement says the threat appears to be politically motivated, by a person or persons who object to the Australian government's policy on Fiji.

The statement goes on to say that neither the high commission nor the Australian government will be intimidated by threats.

A Fiji police spokeswoman Ema Mua says the threat against the high commission was being taken very, very seriously.

She says police have increased security around many foreign missions in the country.