8 May 2008

France asks Temaru to convene French Polynesian assembly without delay

6:51 pm on 8 May 2008

The French high commissioner in Tahiti, Anne Boquet, has written to Oscar Temaru asking him to open the French Polynesian assembly without delay.

This comes amid a controversy between Mr Temaru and President Gaston Tong Sang over this week's failed scheduled assembly sitting.

When the government was a member short of a quorum this week, Mr Temaru refused to open the assembly and rescheduled the sitting for May the 22nd.

While claiming to act within the law, the government members then met in another building a day later, chose one of their members as acting speaker and resolved to meet in two days to hold a fresh election of an assembly president.

The opposition decried the government action as an attempted putsch.

The high commissioner says Mr Temaru wasn't entitled to set an assembly date without getting consent from the assembly members.

Reports say that after rescheduling the sitting, he gave assembly staff the rest of the week off.