9 May 2008

Niue Bank struggling to clear credit card transactions

2:04 pm on 9 May 2008

After several days of having to turn down credit card transactions, Niue's only bank, the Bank of South Pacific, is now accepting VISA and hopes to get approval for Mastercard by next week.

The BSP was told last week that the Bank of New Zealand would no longer accept its credit card transactions.

The BSP has this week been endeavouring to set up a manual service through email with its headquarters in Port Moresby and eventually wants a satellite link to ensure the transactions can be done speedily.

Niue Telecom says there are a number of options and the BSP just has to nominate what it wants.

CEO Richard Hipa says if the Bank wants a private VSAT connection that is possible but unlikely.

Sources on the island say that the credit card problems have posed difficulties for visitors to the island.