15 May 2008

Fiji hopes Rotuma opening will boost island

3:25 pm on 15 May 2008

The Fiji Chamber of Commerce says the interim government's announcement that Rotuma is earmarked as a port of entry will open up business investment, employment and trade opportunities.

The interim Prime Minister says this will upgrade infrustructure on the island, such as air and sea ports, as well as roads.

Fiji's Chamber of Commerce Vice president Humphrey Chang says while Rotuma is isolated, establishing a Rotuma and Tuvalu trade link would be one key advantage.

"We're hoping that that Rotuma will do its best to attract a ) tourists b) commerce and take it from there. But all in all one would think, or we would like to think, that Rotuma can prosper."

Fiji's Chamber of Commerce Vice president, Humphrey Chang