15 May 2008

Moves afoot to increase the number of Pacific women in key decision roles

2:29 pm on 15 May 2008

The lack of women in parliaments of the Pacific region is one of the key issues to be addressed by New Zealand and Pacific parliamentarians.

A partnership has been forged between the two following a visit to New Zealand by Coordinator of the Pacific Parliamentary Assembly on Population and Development, Tangata Vainerere.

Excluding New Zealand and Australia, Pacific countries have the lowest average percentage of women in parliament of any region in the world.

Mr Vainerere, who is based in Noumea, says the PAPPD secretariat is moving to improve the situation.

"What we are doing is trying to see how through our governance programmes we can improve the rate of success for women in decision making as well as political empowerment."

Tangata Vainerere