19 May 2008

American Samoa's LBJ Medical Centre gears up for Pacific Arts Festival

8:37 am on 19 May 2008

The LBJ Medical Centre in American Samoa is using data from Palau, the host country of the 2004 Pacific Arts Festival, to prepare for this year's festival in American Samoa.

LBJ chief executive officer, Patricia Tindall says LBJ is using the data to

estimate additional supplies that might be needed to be prepared for any health problems that might occur during this year's festival.

She says LBJ is also planning ways to identify patients, and communicate with home countries about their health issues upon repatriation.

The organizing festival committee has raised questions as to whether there are enough medical personnel on-island to address medical needs during the

festival, following recent media reports of physician shortages at the emergency room.

Ms Tindall says LBJ has asked it's off-island sourcing companies if they have people available specifically for July and August.

She says they have also made contact with various U.S. government agencies for assistance