19 May 2008

Samoa villagers impose ban on land

8:35 am on 19 May 2008

The village of Vailoa Palauli in Samoa has imposed a ban on the 1,150 acres of land they had lost in a claim during a court battle with O.F.Nelson Company.

The ban was decided in a village meeting early this month just after the Supreme Court had delivered a ruling on the ownership of the land which stays with the plaintiff and not the village.

In a public notice signed by the Alii and Faipule or the council of village matais of Vailoa Palauli, employees of O.F.Nelson Company are told not to set foot on the land anymore because the company has no lands in the village.

A matai, Toluono Pene, says the village has also decided to take the matter further to the court of appeal.