20 May 2008

Local film dealing with racism pulls in crowds in Marshall Islands

1:31 pm on 20 May 2008

Marshall Islanders are flocking to a locally produced film about Marshallese-Chinese racism as told through the eyes of teenagers.

'Morning Comes So Soon', a Romeo and Juliet-like tragic love story, is packing out the local three-plex with multiple showings each day - easily outselling anything on offer from Hollywood.

The film stars local actors and was produced, written and directed by a pair of American volunteer teachers.

Morning Comes So Soon has sparked the first real public discussion of the racism that has developed since the late 1990s when an estimated 2000 Chinese and Taiwanese were sold passports by the Marshall Islands Government.

The film also touches on the topic of youth suicide - a major problem in the Marshall Islands.

Shot on a shoe-string budget the film received a small grant from The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.