20 May 2008

Niue to have first ever Cultural and Arts Fest

9:15 pm on 20 May 2008

Niue is set to have it's first ever Cultural and Arts Festival next year.

A group of volunteers in New Zealand, called the Niue Moving Forward Together group, has set up a number of initiatives, to help boost the economy, culture and arts in Niue.

A member of the organising committee, Sene Falakoa, says planning for Niue's 2009 Cultural and Arts festival is underway.

He says it's something the Niue community in New Zealand wanted as a way to get back in touch with their roots.

Mr Falakoa says helping out the Niue economy is also big motivator for the Arts festival.

"To try and promote Niue for tourism aswell. Try and help out the economy of Niue in having people go back there. Kids who were born outside of Niue who have never been back, it will actually give them a effort to go back, have something to go back to - have a little bit more pulling power."

The Niue Trade office says the festival is a good idea, but adequate accommodation needs to be on the island if tourist initiatives are to work.