21 May 2008

Pacific Forum fishing nations agree on new conservation measures

3:29 pm on 21 May 2008

Member countries of the Forum Fisheries Agency have agreed on new conservation fishing measures in the region.

The FFA is tasked with providing expert fisheries management and development advice and services to 17 member countries.

The FFA's Deputy director Transform Aqorau says it is a significant development in trying to ensure the sustainability of declining tuna stocks.

"A catch retention scheme, a three month FAD closures - there will be no fishing with fish aggregating devices, and 100 % observers on purse seine vessels. Plus a decision by countries not to license vessels that fish in exclusive economic zones not to operate in the high seas. So those are some fairly high reaching decisions to ensure the conservation of yellow fin and blue eye."

The FFA's deputy director, Transform Aqorau.

Fishing ministers agreed on the new measures in Palau this week.