26 May 2008

Nauru government welcomes Forum election observers' report

1:34 pm on 26 May 2008

Nauru's Acting President, Frederick Pitcher, has welcomed the Pacific Islands Forum Report into last month's general election which described the process as credible and reflecting the will of the people.

He says while the report was generally supportive of the campaigning, voting and counting process, the government will take on board the minor critical observations made by the monitors.

Among these was the comment in relation to the unusually brief lead up to the poll, which was only one week.

Mr Pitcher says that while such a short time was not the government's preferred option, it was left with no choice.

He says President Marcus Stephen called the snap election after exhausting all other avenues, including repeated pleas to the opposition to consider the plight of Nauruans before their own ambitions to grab power by dubious means.